Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blue & Gold Banquet

I have to say I'm proud of my Cub Scouts. I had all but one attend the banquet last night and receive their Wolf badge. The one that was missing would have gotten it had he been at the banquet, but that's another story for another time.

We had a desert contest for the boys. The boys were to make (with some assistance) deserts for it. Since the theme for the banquet was "Under the Big Top", my son wanted a pie. He REALLY wanted to be able to throw it into someone's face, but settled to just make a good pie. With the help of a friend's on the spot recipe, we came up with a chocolate chip cookie crust with a chocolate pudding filling and whipped cream topping. We added star sprinkles to the pudding, but they really weren't necessary. He then spray painted (with spray icing) a clown face on the top. He didn't win the contest (it was judged on appearance), but his pie was the first to be completely eaten. So I'm quite proud of that. He put a lot of work into it with pressing the cookie dough into the pan, then baking it. Then making the pudding and filling the pie crust, etc etc. Majority of the work was his.

What bugs me, though, is that it was easy to tell which deserts had been done primarily by parents instead of primarily by the boys. But that's a basic gripe I had with some of the other things we've done this year too. Ah well. I'll be good (this time) and not go further with this issue.

All in all, a good evening. I got several compliments for the work I put in (I was committee chair), which was good too.

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