Saturday, December 30, 2006

Looking Back..

As I look back over the past year, it's amazing that so many things happen. Many things that happen you don't even think of, while quite a few make a large impact.

This year..

My daughter started Kindergarten and became one of the top readers in her class. She started Choi Kwang Do and has gone all the way to gold belt. She started Daisies and we finally found a troop of girls for her to hang out with. She lost her first two teeth (almost simultaneously), knocked out her cousin's two teeth and decided that she (not the tooth fairy) would keep her teeth.

My son started 2nd grade and Cub Scouts. He loves his teacher and is doing well in school. He made it to the half-way point in Choi Kwang Do when he reached his blue belt.

My sister was placed on active duty, stationed in Birmingham (with stints at Camp Shelby) with her kids at home with their dad. In April, they lost him to a massive coronary. Her family is still in flux while she's on active duty, but they're working through it.

I finished my first full year as a volunteer at the Georgia Aquarium. It's been quite an experience. I became Robert's Cub Scout leader and enjoy helping out the boys. I joined my kids in Choi Kwang Do and enjoy being active in sports again. Of course, you could count walking (I have done the Disney 1/2 marathon 3 times in a row) but after years of competitive gymnastics, it's not quite the same. Admittedly, Choi isn't competitive, but it's a lot closer to what I was used to doing.

Next year should be interesting. Carolyn wants to try cheerleading, both kids may or may not keep up with scouting. I'll still be out at the Aquarium at least twice a month. We'll get to go to a 20th anniversary seminar for Choi with Grand Master Choi in March. My daughter will start 1st grade, my son 3rd.

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