Friday, December 29, 2006

A boy's pride

On our way down to visit with my parents, we stopped off to visit with my niece and nephews for the evening. My nephews are very physical/active boys. They love to rough house. Well, we got into a rough-house kinda evening. I went to tickle my older nephew (11), he went down to the floor. My daughter was playing along too, only instead of gently following her cousin, she fell... her knee landed on his chin.. out came a tooth. A second tooth became very loose in the process. She had knocked out two of his baby (fortunately) molars.

We got lucky that they were baby teeth, due to come out before long anyway. My nephew wasn't so much upset about the teeth (though it hurt) as worried what his "street rep" would become if it was known his younger FEMALE cousin knocked them out. At last word, he'd decided he'd let it out that an 8th grader had hit him in the mouth and knocked them out. Then again, just about anything was preferable to the truth.

His 13 year old sister wanted to let the truth be known. I have a feeling that the cause will simply be a hush-hush matter and a good giggle for the rest of the family.

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