Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mom's Toys

I got a couple of new toys. One, Santa gave me for Christmas. I got an iDog to go with my iPod. It's a cute toy. If you run it for an hour straight, though, you'll run out of battery power. I've had to change my batteries three times without trying. The iDog runs them down quickly with the movement. It would be a great feature if it could be plugged in like the iPod to save batteries.. maybe next time. I've seen that there are iFish and iBears too.. wonder if they have plugs? My son has an iPup which likes listening to music. He puts it next to my iDog while it's playing so that they're both being "fed".

I got myself an early birthday gift (it's in two weeks). I got an iRobot Roomba. I've used it in my den, it did a pretty good job. Of course, I'm fighting hair of dog and 3 cats as well as the random stuff my kids drop. If I run it daily, I'll probably do pretty good. My den carpet is berber. I'm trying it in my kids' playroom to see what happens, that's shag. I'll let you know later. I did get a couple of accessories with it.. the docking station, remote, and a wall unit. I highly recommend them.

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