Thursday, November 09, 2006

Flushed Away

I went with my kids and another friend (with her family) to see Flushed Away Tuesday. While the kids enjoyed it (ages 7 & 5), it was really more aimed at the adults. With lots of pokes at Disney films (see how many you can catch) and references to other movies, kids for the most part won't catch them. Of course, my favorite part is the slugs singing "Proud Mary" at the end, with a close second being the slugs singing "I'm so Lonely" in the window. Screaming and singing slugs.. Frogs wearing swim flippers.. a Toad with a superiority complex.. the World Cup Halftime flush.. a pet rat must save the world.. Catch the theme? There's a story line and then there are the slugs filling in with song. My favorite character isn't even a rat, it's a frog. ;) All in all a cute movie.
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