Friday, November 10, 2006

GA Aquarium - 1 year old

On Nov. 22nd, the Aquarium will be a year old. In a way it doesn't seem like it's been that long. In another, it seems like it has been here a lot longer. I was lucky in that I started volunteering when the doors opened to the public. I've seen many of the changes take place and even gotten to help. I've seen a huge number of people wander through with mouths hanging open in total awe/surprise at what they were getting to see. I've also had people yell at me in frustration because of the crowds. In the long run, though, it's all good.

The Aquarium is starting renovations already to improve different things around the facility. A good bit of that will be behind the scenes, but it's all necessary. You can see the list of proposed changes on the Aquarium's web site.

More than 3 million people have wandered through. Here's to the next 3 million!

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