Monday, August 28, 2006

Schedules in the Morning

My husband and I have a disagreement about doing things in the morning. Being a substitute teacher, I don't know what my work schedule is. Therefore, I get into the habit of getting up before my kids, doing a brief workout, taking my shower, then getting kids up for school and doing the rest of my "have to do in the morning" chores. If I'm not working, then I have free time in the morning, or I can hold off on some of my chores until after the kids leave. If I'm working, then I can leave (with the kids) to head to school and get ready in my classroom with plenty of time.

My husband is of the opinion that if I'm not working, I can sleep in, get up when the kids get up, and handle everything after they leave. Thus giving us an extra hour of sleep. Personally, I find that to do it that way makes waking up HURT (quite literally). I'd much rather go ahead and make it a habit of getting up at the same time every morning.

Part of his reasoning is that by the end of the day I'm very tired and ready to head to bed by 10. Thinking that an extra hour in the morning will help that. I'm not sure that it would. More like maybe a nap in the afternoon if I have time is the better idea. I still think I'm going to be tired by evening (when he gets home) and be ready for bed.

After all, I AM a stay at home mom most days and still do the regular mom things.. keep family fed, clothed, clean.. pets fed and cared for.. house clean.. laundry washed.. groceries bought.. errands run.. kids chauffered.. blog written..

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