Friday, July 14, 2006

Historic House for Sale - Stone Mountain, GA

My parents are moving to Florida and becoming snow birds. As a result, their house is officially on the market. This is the home where I (for the most part) grew up. It's located in downtown Stone Mountain on Mountain Street. It's approx. 5 blocks from Stone Mountain park, 3 blocks from Main St. It's also 1 city block from Stone Mountain Elementary.

The house was originally built just after Sherman marched through Atlanta during the Civil War and burned most of the other historic homes in the area. The orange color is due to the fact that the outside of the house is Georgia red clay. The original house is only 4 (large) rooms with foot thick walls. The insulation in that part of the house is horse hair. My parents are refinishing the original floors which are heart of pine wood. It has a "basement", but it's more of a crawl space as it's packed dirt underneath. There's an original fireplace meant for smoking meat down there.

There's also an "attic". The original stairs were taken out a long time ago and replaced with an INDOOR bathroom. (yes, the original house only had an outhouse). So, for someone who wants to restore the home, you can figure out a way to put the stairs back in and turn the attic into another living area. It's certainly big enough up there for it. There is access to that area, but it requires a ladder.

In the original four rooms there are two fireplaces (chimneys are sealed) that were shared by two rooms each. These could be reopened, but would have to be brought up to current codes to be used. The original four rooms also have 12' and higher ceilings.

I don't have room measurements, but I assure you the original rooms are LARGE. IE: Bigger than 12'x12'.

There is a nice size kitchen with pantry area. The pantry area is also where the washer/dryer hookups are. While I was young, the family added on another hall and a back bedroom with bathroom (master suite) off of the kitchen. This area is the only carpeted area in the house. That bathroom has a whirlpool tub and a standing shower.

My sister and I agreed that we didn't have the resources to take on our parents' home. It really needs someone who wants to (and can) maintain a home on the national historic register (which it is). If you're tempted, you can contact the realtor: Teresa Crowe: 404-377-0116. (Century 21/Gold Medal Realty) I don't have inside pics as it's a bit of a mess in there with my parent's packing to move. I'll try to add them later, or you can contact the realtor for a tour later.

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