Thursday, July 13, 2006

Poison Ivy/Sumac affects everything...

I picked the absolutely wrong week to end up with this rash. Kids are out of town and I'm playing "pretty in pink" (calamine). When you're as allergic as I am to this stuff, I don't know why I bother with the home remedies. Other than the fact that doctors don't like to treat it unless it's obvious you're not going to get better without something. I will admit, though, that baking soda made into a paste with water will ease the itch of the rash. Slather it on with a butter knife and let it dry out so that it flakes off and the itch is gone for a while. What works better is to add salt to the baking soda paste and then slathering it on. There is one major catch though. Plain baking soda only stings. Baking soda w/salt HURTS. Ack.

But if I didn't do it, I'd ITCH ITCH ITCH. If anything brushes against it, it itches.

I finally gave in this morning and called the doctor. My rash (after almost two weeks) is still trying to spread. Last time I got poison ivy, I got a shot in the bottom. I'll see if they decide to prescribe prednisone for me without the shot this time.

MOMMY! (oh wait, I am the mommy..)

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