Sunday, June 11, 2006

For Sale or Trade

I have some prizes I've won that just don't fit anything around here, so I thought I'd sell or trade them. If you're interested in any of these, let me know.

Kodak Code - Collage (ARV $22.99)
Grey's Anatomy Candle (unopened) (ARV 5.00)
Grey's Anatomy Beer Glass (ARV 5.00)
Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack (unopened) (ARV $13.00)
Serene Perfume (1 fl. oz.) (unopened) (ARV $5.00)
JoJo's Circus Prize Pack (estimated ARV $35.00)
Lord of the Rings Messenger Bag (reversible) - (ARV $35.00) picture shows bag spread out, it actually hangs at half the size shown. 2 pockets on either side for a total of 4 pockets.

I also have a pair of gently used Actimates Arthur and DW dolls with the Microsoft Actimates unit for the TV. I have the instructions for the dolls to reset them as well.

Pictures are available.

If you're concerned about buying/trading, you can check my references on eBay. Contact me and I'll tell you the acct.

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