Friday, June 09, 2006

Asthma in the summer in Atlanta

Having a child in Atlanta who's asthma is sensitive to the ozone, makes doing things during the summer somewhat difficult. We're on a very limited budget and I have my nephews up for a couple of weeks. My younger nephew has had problems every day since getting here. It's at night when he's trying to sleep and the drainage starts to accumulate that his asthma kicks in. He had me up every two hours last night coughing.

We can't go out (or really shouldn't) on any alert orange or above. Unfortunately, that's status quo for most of the summer around here. We've called today a "rainy day" even though it's not. To keep him inside, the kids are allowed gamecube and movies (normally rainy day activities). They're having fun now, but I worry when it gets "boring".

Here's hoping that there's a chance of summer showers sometime soon. It'll knock some of the problem down... maybe. gazoo

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