Friday, March 24, 2006

Sweeps anyone?

Those who know me know I love entering contests/sweepstakes. I drive my hubby nuts at local expos as I'll stop at just about any booth and enter my name into their drawing.. even if it means they'll call me later.. I figure I can always say 'no' to whatever they're selling. I'd do those 60 minute presentations for free stuff if my hubby would let me (they usually require husband to be in attendance, he refuses).

Anyway, I got psyched Wednesday. I'd taken my kids to SCORE and wandered down to the Kroger that's next door to get a coke. I decided on the way out to pick up a lottery scrach-n-play game for the fun of it. Wandered back to SCORE to scratch them off.. I actually WON! $100 in cash. I was so happy.

My husband actually had his first "win" today. One of the local car dealerships had a scratch off to get people to come in to look at their cars. I scratched it off and took it by the dealership today. When I went to the dealership and disappointed the salesman (I wasn't going to buy a new car) his comment was "it's only a shopping spree.." A MAN? Saying that to a WOMAN? HA! Anyway.. It was a cool prize, but with poor results. It's a shopping spree to Figures.. there's nothing there that I want.. just clutter.. then there's the "shipping, handling, and processing fee" that you have to pay for each item you want to purchase with the "credit" they give you. Hmph. (fyi - for a $30 toy, shp is $16).

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