Thursday, March 23, 2006

History - my first rescue dog (that I kept)

I volunteered for a while out at my local animal control shelter. I was one of the few at that time that knew how to handle the bigger dogs without being intimidated by them. Anyway, I went in one day and found an old pure bred collie sitting in one of the pens. He'd been found as a stray at the local community airport, obviously well cared for, but no one had claimed him. I was aware of the various rescue groups at this point since I was working part time with Newfoundland rescue.

Anyway, I brought him home and was determined to find a local rescue group that could help out and take him in. I did find the local Collie rescue and talked with her about him and fostering and so forth. In the end I kept him and called him my "Old Man Dog" or OMD for short.

He was one of the most tolerant and sweet dogs I'd met. He passed away just before my son was born. Since then I've been active with Collie rescue. I no longer foster the dogs, though I do maintain their web site.

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