Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Crazy Questions

My kids come up with some of the oddest questions at times. My son comes up with scenarios that are in no way about to come true, but he really wants you to give him an answer. Yesterday's question was.. "What if there was a window in the roof of the car and it was raining and the window was open but no one knew so the inside of the car got wet and then someone noticed after it finished raining and came and closed the windows..?" The only thing I could think of was that if we didn't dry out the car, it would start to mildew and stink.. at which point I had to explain why...

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Gatorrrrrr said...


Well think about it this way.

Atleast your child is communicating with you. Alot of parents dont take advantage of that aspect of the relationship with their children enough. It sounds like they are at the age where you are able to really mold them as individuals and encourage them to learn all there is to know.