Saturday, March 25, 2006

Smoke Talk

My son stayed home from school Friday not feeling well. I'm not sure exactly what brought up the conversation, though I know he started it. He was mentioning something a doctor who stopped at the school and talked to the kids talked about. He then switched to the dentist. Both mentioned not smoking. He wanted to know a bit more of the 'why' or 'why not' aspect.

Having had both parents smoke when I was growing up, as well as a grandparent, I'm quite familiar with the second hand smoke controversy. I'm allergic to the smoke, it gives me headaches and makes it hard for me to breathe. As a result, it made it very difficult for me to visit my grandfather at times. When I got older and could travel on my own to visit, admittedly my schedule affected my opportunities, but I took fewer so as not to have to feel ill while visiting. Visiting should be about seeing family, not feeling ill.

I also watched both of my parents go through the stopping smoking phase. I talked about the being addicted factor and how it applies to more than just smoking. I explained all this (and more) to my son. He asked about one of his grandparents (my husbands' dad) who still smokes. I told him what I knew and said for some of it he'd have to ask his grandfather. I assured him that any of the family he asked would give him an honest answer.

I know my family (and my husbands) will answer as best as they can any questions he (or my daughter) may have. I can only hope that other families are as willing to answer. I know I'll have to discuss it again when he gets a bit older and his understanding of the world gets better, but I think I made a good start regardless.

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