Tuesday, July 05, 2005

NOT the way to start a week

My hubby went to go to work - closed the door on his car and the rear window shattered. AIEEE! My thought? Someone did something to the window. It wasn't a tree limb or stick, there are none on the ground any where. My sister in law thinks maybe someone was shooting a gun and maybe "pre-cracked" our window. We didn't look at our car last night before we went to bed, so we don't know. We don't see anything obvious in the car indicating a bb or anything else. The bad side is, if we report it to insurance, it's the second claim of the year (thanks to hub's wreck), so our rates will go up. If we don't, we're looking at paying the repair out of pocket.

Son didn't start the week well either.. though not so bad, still traumatic for him.. his pokemon monopoly board tore in half. *sigh*

Things travel in threes.. what's next?

Update on window

After some looking around, we found this.. looks like we got shot.. hubby's talking to insurance now.

New Update

Police report has been filed, Officer agreed it could have been a bullet. Now to clean up the mess.
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