Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Motorola Razr

OK. My phone was dying so I had to get a new one. Hubby works for Cingular and so gets the employee discount. Cool. Given what our req's were for a phone (me- polyphonic & camera, him-quad band), it only gave me a choice of 3 phones. The V551, Razr, or Treo. I don't need a Treo. It's a cool phone, but WAY more than a mom needs. There was only a $30 diff between the other two. So I picked the better phone.

Now, what they don't tell you when you get it. You can't download tones or graphics unless you subscribe to the MEdiaNet service ($9.99/mo minimum) or unless you purchase software from Motorola ($30) that lets you do it. Now, you can send multimedia notes and all, for 25 cents per message. Which also means you pay to email yourself any pictures you take with the phone. You also can't RECEIVE any multimedia messages (or text messages) unless you subscribe to their add-on (or at least, I can't).

Very interesting.

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