Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Harry Potter Meme

Thanks to Sheryl at Paper Napkin for the meme.. my first. ;)

1. You're wondering through the Forbidden Forest and find a magical creature or plant. What is it, and what does it do?
A plant - for helping kids take naps

2. You may keep one of the following items, which one and why?

g. house elf
Useful things, house elves.

3. Which character would you be and why?
Ginny Weasley - she's a bigger character than you'd think

4. You win the Gringott's Gazillion Galleon Giveaway. You can keep the money (payable in wizard or muggle currency) or choose the mystery prize in vault 372. Which do you choose?
Money Money Money!

5. As far as I know J.K. Rowling is going to end with #7 in the series. You can have her write 3 additional books in the series, have dinner with her 3 times, or play Mad Eye Moody in the next movie. What do you choose?
I'd play in the movie. You can wreck a series if you take it too far.

6.You walk into the Three Broomsticks, which of these do you order?
b. Ogdens Old Firewhiskey

7. You visit Honeydukes, which one of these do you buy?
b. fizzing whizbees

8. You can spend the weekend in one of these locations, which do you choose?
a. Hogwarts

9.The next Defense Against The Dark Arts professor
c. will not be returning to Hogwarts because... None last more than a year.

10. When you graduate from Hogwarts you become
d. proprietor of The Leaky Cauldron

11. If you saw a boggart what form would it take?
A cockroach, eww! can't stand those.

...And to make it current: 12. Your theory on the half-blood prince
I've read the book, though I will say I'm not surprised.

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Karen A Wyle said...

Here's another meme (I think -- can a single question constitute a meme, at least if multiple responses are invited?):
What would be some good names and-or slogans for business establishments or government offices in the HP universe?

Some examples:
--Free Elves Clothing Emporium
--Ministry Censor's Office: "Better Not to Know"
--The Waffling Quaffle Tote Shop
--Red's Rubbish Removal -- "With Red, It Stays Dead"

Want to play?