Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Design Flaw

While visiting the Knoxville Zoo over the weekend, we encountered rain. (How surprising, it's summer.) We just happened to be at the kids' area, so the kids kept on playing. While the rain came down, the walk area became a small river. It started off nice and clear, after a while it turned very muddy. Kids, of course were still playing in the rain.

It wasn't until after the rain ended that one of the workers at the zoo told us that the dirt came from the rhino pen. It seems that when they hired a contractor to build the kids' area, the contractor installed VERY SMALL drains and not ENOUGH drains. So, the run-off from the rhino area, instead of being caught in a drain as it should, was running all the way down the back of the zoo. EWWW!

The few drains there were, were easily overpowered by the stuff being picked up everywhere and clogged quickly. Sounds like more renovations to me.

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