Saturday, January 29, 2005

Snow in Atlanta

A bit of ice on the roads and Atlanta shuts down. Got word today that church is cancelled tomorrow. The realtor couldn't come out today to start our market analysis. The AJC has an article about it:

I don't even think I got my newspaper today. I haven't wanted to go outside to see if the mailman made it or not.

So now my kids have been inside all day and they're bouncing off the walls. They went out for a little this morning, but my daughter came in after about 10 minutes. Ice just isn't fun like snow. She wants to learn how to ice skate, so this summer (ha! how funny, waiting 'til summer to go ICE skating) we'll see what we can see. I don't have much of a knee left thanks to gymnastics so many years ago, so I've avoided most things that might cause trouble or reinjure it.

Hopefully in the meantime my house won't get too damaged, toys won't end up destroyed, etc, as my kids go stir-crazy. (They don't do well for extended periods not being able to get OUT and RUN.)


Anonymous said...

Did you sell your house?

Ashley said...

I'll list in Jan/Feb and go from there. :)