Sunday, January 30, 2005

My kids are killing me!

They're bored. Housebound. I'd send them outside, but they're likely to either get hit by a piece of falling ice (ouch) or by a large limb giving up due to the ice (BIG OUCH). Not safe for a little bit yet. In the meantime, they're driving me NUTS!

I went to fix my son some waffles this morning. My daughter decided she wanted some too. I got my son's done first, then went to fix hers. She decided she didn't want them. So I went to put away stuff, she yelled "no! I want waffles!". So I get ready to fix them (again). I use the kellogg's eggos, so it's not a hard prep. Just as I get ready to put them in, "I don't want them". OK. Get ready to leave again, "no! I want them!". At this point, my son has finished his two and is asking for more. I figure, I'll fix them and HE can eat them. She gets upset that she hasn't gotten hers, so I set them in front of her when they're ready. "I'm done." And she walks out of the room. (I'm about done with her at this point.) OK, Robert, you can have them. I head upstairs only to hear my son yell "mama! She's eating the waffles!" ARGH! She only ate about 1/3 of what I fixed, so I tell Robert he can have the rest. She won't let him have them. I fix him a couple more of his own at which point she's "done" again. Result? She gets a spanking, my son gets more waffles, and I go take a 1hr tub bath.

During my bath I hear "NO! Don't do that!" "CAROLYN!" "STOP THAT!" "OUCH!" "BE CAREFUL" and various other exclamations from hubby while he attempts to watch the kids while I hide in the bath. Maybe I'll stick them outside after all.


Karen said...

Sounds like we are living parallel lives.

Nina said...

At least your husband tries. I swear, mine puts on blinders when he sits down and the kids go WILD and crazy messing up stuff and he's just sitting there like everything's perfect. It's very annoying.