Saturday, January 29, 2005

Me being a Mommy

Being a Mommy means..

  • Taking a bath is a luxury
  • Buying new clothes for myself is unknown
  • Getting to play all I want
  • Getting hugs and kisses all day
  • There's no such thing as privacy
  • Watching TV means watching cartoons
  • Giggles and Laughs
  • Chasing naked children after they've hopped out of the bath and don't want to get their clothes on
  • A full night's sleep is a rarity
  • Bright eyes
  • The cleaning is never done
  • I went 'shopping' online for shoes yesterday. Why do I feel guilty about it? 'Cause all the shoes I bought were for ME.

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    Anonymous said...

    Got here via Blogazoo but I think I've come here before from BE! :)
    This is so true! :)