Monday, January 07, 2019

Medieval Times' New show #review #sponsored @usfamilyguide @medievaltimesatl #MTFan #MTAtlanta

I was given tickets in exchange for my review.

They've upped their game and changed the story.  The princess has now stepped into her father's shoes and rules the land.  A new tale takes place and the joust goes on.  I like the new show, it came off very well.  It's less aggressive (no foreign diplomat), but the queen definitely displays her power when needed.  You still have your knights competing to display their skills and bring honor to their land.  There is still some conflict as well.  I won't say more than that, I don't like giving out story line spoilers.  My daughter actually caught our knight's (red knight) first flower of the show.  I have a small snippet of the show (the horses) that I can share, though  Take a gander..

The food was as good as usual.  The menu has changed slightly in that it no longer includes ribs.  The desert was changed to vanilla ice cream as well.  For those that know me, you know that I rarely drink alcohol.  I do, though, REALLY like their mead.  (Alcohol is not included in the price.)  You still get plenty to eat, though, so no worries there.  We had fewer leftovers to take home than before, which isn't a bad thing either.
If you've never been, gratuities are NOT included.  Plan to bring a little extra to tip your server with.

All said and done, my family had a good time.  We enjoyed the changes.  The new costumes are definitely neat.  The knights helmets were cool to see.  My daughter liked the blue knight's head band.  I liked the green knight's helmet, reminded me of a particular Marvel character.  The sound effects have changed somewhat too.  They both help the show and give a bit of humor if you know what you're listening to.  When you go, see if you can hear the tie-fighter.

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