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Review: Ripcord @AuroraTheatre @BravePRATL #ATRipcord #AuroraTheatre #Ad

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I was given tickets to attend in exchange for my honest review

From Aurora Theatre:

There’s something humorous brewing in Lawrenceville, May 10-June 3, 2018! From Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire and under the direction of Jaclyn HofmannRipcord employs a light-hearted tone to tell the story of reclusive Abby and her cheerful new roommate at a senior living facility, Marilyn. Despite Abby’s resolve to push Marilyn into relocating, her warm-hearted companion decides not only to stay, but to uproot Abby’s stronghold on the spot by the window. In an effort to settle the score, the two women engage in an innocent bet, which quickly escalates into an outrageous contest of one-upmanship.
The talented cast of this uproarious comedy stars Donna Biscoe, of Hidden Figures and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, and Jill Jane Clements, known for her roles in The Walking Dead and Free State of Jones.
My daughter and I attended the show on Saturday evening.  We both found it very funny and well done.  My daughter (as a theater student) was commenting on their sets and how well put together they were.  Of the primary characters, my favorite was Marilyn.  Determined not to get angry, she really annoys Abby just by being herself (and enjoys it in the process).  Not sure that I liked Abby, though some of her efforts towards the bet were funny.

There's more to the show, though, than just the bet.  You learn something about each characters' background and find out why they are the way they are.  It adds depth to the show and meaning to the humor.  Very well put together, interspersing the humor into the story so that the comedy feel isn't lost..

Somewhat distracting (but funny too) was that a bat was loose in the theater.  It began its flight in the second half, finishing the performance at about the same time as the show by swooping low in front of one of the actresses.  Her reaction was priceless but still fit the scene/show.  The audience found it very humorous.

Playing through June 3rd, you can find tickets on the Aurora Theatre web site.  Also, reminder that if you missed Mamma Mia at the Aurora Theatre, you can catch it at Georgia Tech's Ferst Center June 9-24th.  You can get more information on this one at the Aurora Theatre site as well.

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