Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Buyer Beware of @StudioPAVMNC #KPOP #24K #MFECT #UP10TION #업텐션 #투포케이

This is my buyer beware story concerning Studio PAV.  April of last year, I purchased tickets to the KPOP group M.FECT.  Due to a promoter not promoting the show, the show was cancelled and I was due a refund.  In June, I was contacted  by Studio PAV with an alternative offer.  They'd give me my refund plus 20% off if I purchased tickets to the KPOP group 24K.  I like 24K,so I went for the deal.  The concert had to be rescheduled because Studio PAV didn't put in for the boys' visas in time to get here.  I tried multiple times after the reschedule was announced (and failed) to get my refund.  They had disappeared and refused to respond to any emails.  Eventually I filed a BBB report to try to get my money back from the original concert.  The BBB then tried contacting Studio PAV.  Studio PAV failed to respond to them.  I had to consider my money gone unless I wanted to go to small claims court in NY.  (I'm not the only person this happened to, you can check the BBB site in NY for confirmation.  I've also kept all mail/records regarding this issue.)

Fast forward to earlier this month they "came back" to announce they were promoting the KPOP group UP10TION.  March 24th they sent out an email stating that they were waiting for the promoter from M.FECT to give them money in order to refund the previous concert (a year later).  They stated that you could instead use the credit to purchase UP10TION tickets.  (sound familiar?)  I contacted them asking about my refund plus 20% from 24K and was informed that that offer had to be redeemed prior to today.  Umm... really?

So, the moral of this story is, don't buy anything directly from Studio PAV.  If you want to attend one of their concerts, make sure you buy your ticket from Ticketmaster.  That way at least if something happens to the show and it is cancelled or rescheduled, you have a way to recover your money.

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