Monday, August 28, 2017

Educator's Day at the #WorldofCocaCola #EducatorsDay #hosted

My daughter and I were hosted over the weekend as part of Educator's Day by the World of Coca Cola.  As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.   Our favorite part of visiting the museum would probably be the Vault.  The place where the real formula is kept.  Of course, there's always sampling the varieties of drinks from around the world.

There's more to the museum than just being a guest, though.  The World of Coca-Cola offers educators tools that will help students learn as well as an enjoyable field trip opportunity.  From their educator's tool kit :

Explore connections between what students experience at World of Coca-Cola and fulfillment
of core educational standards. Our Teacher Toolkit provides educators with the necessary tools to
ensure class field trips are educational as well as entertaining.

The Toolkit provides links to:
  • Social Studies
  • English/Language Arts
  • African American History Month
  • Green Guide
If you get the chance as either a home school educator or as a public school educator, it's worth checking out.

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