Monday, May 01, 2017

Georgia Renaissance Festival #garenfest17 #garenfest #garf2017 @garenfest

I was invited by the Georgia Renaissance Festival to attend as part of their Media Day promotion.  All opinions are my own.

For those that have never attended the Georgia Renaissance Festival themselves, I can tell you now that it's filled with colorful characters to interact with.  All with delightful stories to tell and bad jokes to go along with them.

You will find educational information about pets as well as birds of prey.

Cool shows to see, like the trio of Barely Balanced.

Jewelry!  Can't forget the jewelry!  My daughter and I came away with ear cuffs and rings.  Just a very SMALL sample of the jewelry available.
Fun adult toys (for those 18 and older)

To say the least, there's plenty of things for everyone to see and do.  There are games and activities for all ages, shows appropriate for all ages (and some meant more for the adults).  There are souvenirs of all kinds from clothes, to toys, to things to decorate your house.  All wonderfully hand made and displayed for your purchasable enjoyment.  You can get a lot more information about discounts, shows, and what you can see/do on their web site:

I will be posting more pictures of our adventures of the day on my instagram.  So feel free to check that out too.

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