Friday, July 08, 2016

Friday Food takes us to I Luv Pho

My kids and I took it easy two weeks ago on Friday and walked to "I Luv Pho" on Jimmy Carter Blvd.

My daughter and I split a bowl of chicken and pho (noodle) soup as well as an order of crab rangoon.  My hand is in the picture to show the size of the bowl.  This is what they called a SMALL bowl.  It fed the two of us with left overs.  My son had their beef soup.  His had more flavor than ours.  My daughter and I agreed that it was a bit bland, good, but bland.

My daughter and I both ordered boba drinks.  This was my daughter's strawberry boba.  Very light strawberry flavor.

This is my jackfruit boba.  Tasted kind of like banana.

Overall, the food was good.  Not sure how often we'll actually make it over there, but it was a good price for the amount we received.  I fed the three of us for about $30.

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