Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Shopping @AtHomeStores #AtHomeStores #CollegeMoveIn

I was compensated to attend and post.

I was invited to the AtHome Store (formerly Garden Ridge) in Kennesaw to preview their campus collection.  As I have a rising senior next year (hard to believe), I wanted to see what was new in the world of dorm style.  My son's opinion was that it didn't matter, it just had to function.

They had several displays set up.  These could be used for more than just dorm rooms, of course.  You could easily use them to get ideas for rooms at home too.

I found some cute add ons as well. 

Then there's my favorite area, the gardening section.

I was given a $50 gift card to shop at the store.  I decided to use it as a challenge to start what my son might use for a dorm.  It's actually stuff he can use now.  The bed set was on sale at 1/2 off for $25.  The pillow was $7 (also 1/2 price).  The trash can is $6, one picture was $8, the other was $4.   Not too bad for $50.

All items actually got my son's seal of approval too.  Icing on my challenge.

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