Wednesday, November 25, 2015

K1 Speed Indoor GoKarts #birthday #familyfun #Gwinnett #Duluth @k1speed

My son's 17th birthday was on Thursday the 19th.  We don't do regular birthday parties, we get together with friends and spend the weekend doing "stuff".  This year, instead of paintball, my son chose to go check out a new indoor go kart track in our area.  I'd heard about it thanks to Fox 5's Paul Milliken, but hadn't really checked it out.  It's very close to where we do Choi as well, which makes it reasonably close to home.

I will say it's not cheap.  They do run specials, so I recommend checking them out.  They also require a membership fee for the year.  That's only $6, but it's still an added cost to keep in mind.  We purchased 3 races for 5 people.  It was a lot of fun, but I think I'll have to wait for further karting until my eyes are completely fixed.  With no depth perception, I had a very hard time trying to make the turns.

My selfie with the racing prop before we started racing.

Right before our 3rd race.  My son's best friend is loading up behind me.  Yes, you wear a head sock under the helmet.  The visor is required to be closed during the race, but it gets steamy and hot until you get moving, so I had it up.

Hubs took these for me while we were racing.  His back was hurting, so he decided not to race.  Probably not a bad idea.  My hands were sore at the end of the race.  I'm sure I was gripping the wheel too hard, but I was also using it to brace myself as I went around the curves.  FYI - the adult carts can go up to 45mph.

This is how three of the teens ranked in our races, not counting the other racers on the course.  I was consistently last regardless of how many were racing.  You get race results printed at the end of each race, so you can see what your times were.  I didn't realize it until I got home, but I also got the information via email.  I think I'll pass on retaining it, I already know I'm slow.

All together, I think they had a lot of fun.  That being the goal of the outing, I'd find it very successful and enjoyable.  It'll be a while before we go back due to cost, though.

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