Monday, November 23, 2015

My newest Stitch Fix #review #clothes

My last Stitch Fix was off (mostly due to fit), so I didn't keep it long enough to blog about it.  Not long after, I decided to give Stitch Fix another try.   I was hoping for better luck and got it.  They sent me a pair of really dark brown cordouroy skinny pants (Kut from the Kloth).  I wouldn't normally go for skinny pants, but these actually fit and felt very nice.  I used those in each of the changes, just to see how they'd pair up.  The first top is an Ellenia mixed print polyester/satin material, 3/4 sleeve.  I tried it both with and without the Londyn knit pea coat they sent.

The second print top is a Sawyer Space Dye 3/4 sleeve as well.  It's more of a sweater material, very soft and light weight with a dolman cut.  My dog decided at this point that she needed to get involved as well,.

The last is a Liz textured sweater.  Very comfy, not too heavy.  The foot accessory is the smallest kitten determined to get my attention.  My daughter snitched the pea coat to try on and the accessory as well.

All together I was quite happy with the choices they sent me.  I had requested items that could be layered, but no cardigans.  Not sure when I'll try another Stitch Fix or what I'll ask for next time, but if you want to give it a try feel free to use my link.

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