Monday, October 28, 2013

This year's Halloween decor

Many of the decorations come out every year and the theming tends to remain the same. It's just the way it gets organized each year that changes.

The graveyard is back to the ivy island, set up courtesy of my daughter.

My spider area. I added a spider I made this year (you can check out my pinterest board under crafty stuff).

My witches. The owl lights up and is new this year. I bought him 1/2 off last year after Halloween. This whole section will look different lit up on Halloween.

I'm also contemplating adding "eyes" to the bushes and ivy island. I saw a cool craft out of tp tubes to do it and that seems a cheap/easy add on. My daughter wants to do the 'glow jars' out of glitter and glow stick goo. I think my kids and I tend to enjoy dressing up the house for Halloween.

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