Friday, October 25, 2013

Cosplay and Conventions

Since I had some moms not recognize the term "cosplay", I thought I'd get my daughter to explain. Her definition was.. "Something fun to do. You get to dress up as people that don't exist and play your favorite character."

For me, it's just dressing up as a character from your favorite book/movie/video game, etc. I did it ages ago, back when Fantasy Fair was the "big convention" in town. Then there's the term "crosplay", which is basically a female dressing as a male character or vice versa. About half of the characters my daughter has shown me outfits for have been male characters, though many have female versions.

As to when it gets used, there are conventions in and around Atlanta (and in the US) that allow fans to indulge themselves. One upcoming convention is MomoCon (coming May 2014). Another is Anime Weekend Atlanta (just occured in August, coming back in 2014), you can see my series of posts about that here. There are other big ones, like Dragon Con which is just too big for me to get to. There are smaller versions that I'm still finding out about, like Hallowcon (Dalton) and Sukoshi Con (Athens). I'm sure there's a good resource available for finding them all, but the best way I've seen is to just network in.

Here's a basic list of some of the cons I've heard about:

Walker Stalker Con - for the zombie/vampire/etc crowd
Dragon Con - very big event, draws a big crowd, lots of big guests
Momo Con - family friendly, hosts multiple events (gaming and otherwise) around town
Anime Weekend Atlanta - family friendly, very enjoyable
HallowCon - for the Halloween minded (zombie/etc)
Sukoshi Con - small event, mostly gaming

For a more extensive list, you can check out

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