Sunday, October 20, 2013

Six Flags Fright Fest

I took my kids to Six Flags yesterday with a couple of their friends. We stayed for Fright Fest just to see what the buzz was about.

The lines for the rides were rather long, this one was Goliath. My daughter and her friend "dressed for effect".

You can see the boys on the ride here. The girls are just out of view on the far seats.

I think we checked this one out too early. It would have been better if we'd waited until after dark. It was fun, though, to check out the costumes.

I met a new friend during our adventures.

Fright Fest haunted stuff is an added charge to the regular admission. This once I paid it to check out the happenings. We did Kill Island (a bit too early, I think), one of the trails (more fun) and the "Asylum" haunted house. I had more fun watching the couple in front of us get spooked. The kids and I agreed it was enjoyable, but I think we liked watching the costumes and efforts more than anything. We didn't really get spooked. We've decided that if we're going to go for "fright" we'd have to check out something like Netherworld.  Not to say that there are those that this would be enough to scare them. There were several little girls that ran screaming from my friend as he walked through the park.  So, it depends on what you appreciate and what it takes to spook you.

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