Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Color Me #RAD @colormerad5k

This past Saturday, I participated in the Color Me Rad 5K. I was recruited by a fellow blogger to run with her (I didn't fight it over much). I started off all clean and dressed in white.

The course itself was out at the International Horse Park in Conyers. It followed part of the mountain bike trail and part of some roads that follow the mountain bike trail. It was similar to the Color Run in that we had color dust thrown on us at intervals. One of the differences, though, was that the color was also sprayed on us as a water solution. So, we'd have dust thrown on us, then color sprayed, then dust, then spray, then dust. So it was caked on by the end of the race. I came out looking like this.

Once I got home and had my shower, I got a good look at my clothes.

I will admit, this race was a workout. It was also one of the few races I've been to where a MAJORITY of the racers walked instead of ran. (Or at least, those that were on the course with me). I was a walker as well. With the course being mostly trail-type (I prefer road races) and a lot of relatively steep hills, it wasn't really conducive to going faster. Recent rain didn't help the situation either.

Next race: Run for Wounded Heroes in Kennesaw

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