Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Musings

Several questions I've had floating around in my brain and a few observations.

1 - Where does a teen boy's brains go? We aren't suffering the 'fumes around here (at least, not the car type, can't vouch for the other), so I haven't totally figured this one out.

2 - Why does my fitbit not give me credit for cleaning house? I have to have burned lots of calories steam cleaning carpet, cleaning dryer vent, replacing dryer vent, sealing holes, cleaning bathroom, etc.

3 - My daughter will page at the Capitol for the first time this week. She's looking forward to earning her $10. She'll fit right in with the others that are financially motivated for the day.

4 - Why is it when de-cluttering a room that I only seem to be chasing the clutter from one room to another? Or do I just have that much clutter?

5 - Why does it seem that I'm busier on the weekend than during the week?

6 - I know I'm doing my job at work when I finally get a parent's attention long enough to have them report me to admin.

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