Friday, February 22, 2013

#Fitfluential Basic Changes & Future @active Runs

I've made some basic changes here at home. A co-worker purchased one of these:

Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer

to put under her desk. This way she'd be able to work out while working and she plans on making it a tax deduction as it's part of her home office. I wasn't sure I'd use one like that very well, so I started smaller. I have an exercise ball that I work with on occasion, but it's really too small to use while at my desk. So, I purchased a bigger one and have swapped out my desk chair (which wasn't hugely comfortable anyway) and have put the exercise ball in.

I like to walk and I used to walk with weights on my ankles. I don't find that comfortable any longer, so I purchased a weighted vest instead. Now that the weather is looking better (well, except for rain), I'll get out and walk the dog more. I'll add the weighted vest for the extra resistance and see how that does too.

Zumba started last night. One night is not enough to judge by, so that update will wait a while longer.

My dad has decided (effectively) that he wants to do one more 1/2 marathon in January at Disney. To the point that he's already made reservations at an on-property resort with 2 bedrooms so that I can join him. So, now I have to plan my upcoming runs to work out so that I'm ready by January. I'm already signed up to do the Color Run (5K) in April. So I'll look for a 10K (or two) during the summer and a 15K Oct/Nov. If you care to join me, just let me know. As I figure out which runs I want to do, I'd be happy to have someone along.

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