Friday, March 01, 2013

#Fitfluential Fitness and Exercise #Zumba style

I reached new heights this week with exercise. With my kids paging at the capitol, I had time to walk around and up/down stairs. By the end of the day I wasn't sure why my knee was tired and somewhat sore until I plugged my fitbit in and uploaded the data. Turns out, I climbed 18 flights of stairs during the course of the day. That answered the question for my knee fairly easily. Of course, it just means I need to do more stair work.

I decided I needed to do more with myself at home, so I went with the idea of the Zumba class to get moving. I was out running errands and stopped into GameStop (my kids' favorite store) to look for something for my son. I came across my next fitness thing.

I've played it once. I'm not sure I like it as much as I do the exercise side of my daughter's Just Dance games. I'll play it a while longer before making a final decision. I don't have a verdict yet on my Zumba class either. My first class there was only 2 students (including myself) with the instructor. Last night's class there were considerably more. I suspect this is one of those classes that is more fun if there were more people. The class runs through March, so I'll give it a rethought then. I've already signed up for my next class after this one is over, but it's not Zumba.

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