Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Warm Springs, GA

My friend and I like to explore stores. As FD Roosevelt State Park, the Little White House, and Warm Springs Pools were here, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to explore the little town too. We didn't really purchase much, but we had fun looking around. This was a local restaurant called Bulloch Hall. We didn't eat here (we decided we were underdressed), we ate at a local diner instead.

This is an old steam engine on display on the main street. It's cool that this was so prominently displayed.

For at least part of the time, the kids and husbands sat outside of the small hotel.

The hotel itself is 100+ years old. They have a cool mini-museum inside too.

An old phonebooth inside the hotel.. beware, hubby changing into super-something-or-other..

An old fire extinguisher.. hidden in a corner in the hotel, but a cool find.

This vault was actually in the rear of one of the shops. This was the vault door.

You can see the brickwork forming the vault and the safe that's still in the back.

I love to explore old towns as you never really know what you'll find.. now to teach family patience while I shop.. ;)

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