Monday, September 12, 2011

FDR's Little White House

What's a trip down to Warm Springs without visiting FDR's Little White House? We explored this after breaking down camp Sunday. It was rainy out so this made a good activity before heading home. The first part was a movie, which was interesting (even held the kids' attention), followed by a museum with various aspects of FDR's life. They even had one of FDR's cars inside. What's special about it (other than that it was FDR's) is that it has hand controls.

This one wasn't actually in the museum, it was in the garage of the Little White House

This is in the gardens.

When in the gardens, there's a walk of flags. At the end of that walk is the old museum.

At the other end of the gardens is the house itself. On either side of the gate were guard posts. This one was for the Marine on duty. The other was secret service.

After the guard posts you'll see the visitor's quarters (left) and the garage (with servant's quarters above) (right)

The house itself. As "big" as FDR was, I half expected the house to be much larger than it was. But that was the time period, I guess. It was still a very nice house.

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