Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wow .. I missed a day

I missed a post yesterday, how did I do that? Actually, I know very well how I did it. I've been caught up in getting settled in to my new job. For those that know me, I worked at my kids' school when they were in a brick & mortar. I have managed to do that once again, getting a job with K12 working for GCA. I'm thrilled. I'll get to work from home while my kids are doing their school work. My schedule will be flexible enough to work around my kids and their activities.

I've also discovered how lucky I am. I'm working with a great team of women, all Learning Coaches themselves. We've had a couple of in-person training sessions as well as some online. It's going to be an interesting school year, for certain.

I was able to meet my children's teachers for next year as well. My daughter will continue with her teacher from last year. Second year for her as well as for us. My son's teacher has changed (last year's teacher moved up to 8th grade), but that's not a bad thing. He'll be with a teacher that has been there since the school started. She's also an Advanced Learner math teacher, so he'll definitely get challenged with his math class. He was recommended for ALP science last year too.

School doesn't officially start until the 15th. We're going to get started on some of our classwork on the 8th. Primarily getting a head start on our novel reading, but we'll do some other things as well. That way we can "ease" back into the swing of it and make it easier on everyone. Especially since we'll be hosting a pre-k student this year too.

So, busy busy getting ready for school. Busy, busy getting settled in to work. Hopefully my blogging won't be affected too much, but we'll just have to see.

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