Monday, August 01, 2011

Way too hot

My kids and I went out to Six Flags last Friday. They'd earned tickets through the Read to Succeed program. I had "purchased" my ticket using Coke reward points. I made sure we had plenty of fluids, but we still came home over heated. It didn't help that the Batman ride had no air circulation while waiting (the line took about 45 minutes to get through).

We arrived as early as the park opened and managed to get through approx. 6 rides before the heat (and crowds) truly hit. By the time it was lunch (around 2), the kids were just about done. We managed one more ride after and gave up. I was drenched and had a headache started, by the time we got home my daughter had a headache too.

So, word of warning from experience.. take lots of breaks in the shade (or air) if you go to Six Flags any time soon.

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