Thursday, August 04, 2011

Drat - Thundershirt update

Well, the unexpected (sort of) storm happened last night. Around 2:30-3 the dog was antsy and started wandering the house. Around 3a she decided to try to join me in bed (this doesn't work). So I put her Thundershirt on (I downsized her shirt recently as the other seemed big) and gave her a bone. Lately, that's all it's taken to calm her down for a lot of the smaller storms. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough. She increased her pacing, continuously tried to get in bed with me, until I decided it was valium time. I then had to sit with her downstairs with TV and lights on to get her to settle. She fell asleep around 4:30, though I waited a while longer before I figured it was safe for me to return to bed.

So, for now, the Thundershirt with a bone is enough to distract her from the short storms that crop up during the day. It's not as effective at night with bigger storms. Ah well, we'll keep trying to find the right balance for her.

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