Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Recreation Rant

My daughter wants to try cheerleading. I don't want to put her in one of the competition dance schools unless she REALLY wants to compete. So checking around, I came up with a local county-based park that has cheerleading. I found out today that it's $240 to REGISTER for cheerleading (now, it does include many things such as insurance, "Pep" money, and uniform/registration for cheer CAMP). Cheer camp is required, of course. That doesn't include their actual uniform. Which is an additional $220. This is for skirt, top, socks, shoes, pompoms, bloomers, and wind suit.

Now, if I knew my daughter really wanted to do cheerleading and I knew she'd stick with it once she started (ie: I'd get more than one year's wear out of her uniform), then I'd put her in without problem. She just wants to TRY it. So how do you go about finding a RECREATION league that isn't going to kill my already depleted wallet?

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Dana said...

Yikes! That's expensive! I have two boys and, thankfully right now, they don't want to be involved in too much stuff. So, it's just karate and that's fine with me. Good luck!