Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Aquarium - Did you know?

I worked for the first time in the Tropical Diver gallery Monday. Other than the fact that I couldn't remember that a penguin was a bird, not a mammal, I did ok. So, here's a couple of "did you know"s from the Tropical Diver gallery..

There are 60-65 different species of fish at the coral wall exhibit.
There are 2000+ individual fish at that exhibit.
There are ~200 species of living coral, with 800 different colonies.
The live coral in the exhibit is from aquaculture.
My favorite (right now) at that exhibit is the squarespot anthias.

A general aquarium fact for you - if you go an hour before closing, you can purchase a ticket to get in for 1/2 price. You only get an hour in there, but if you're limited on time anyway, it's worth looking in to.

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