Monday, July 18, 2016

One of those unmentionable problems of being a female @iconunderwear #iconundies #review

Not something I normally talk about, but something I figure it's time to bring up something that most won't.  I like to run.  I like to be active.  I have issues like most people, including my bad knee and the vision issues I've had since last year.  One that isn't as obvious is that when I run, I pee.  Yup, I'm one of those.  I leak when I sneeze or cough.  If I start to jump, bounce, run, etc, it's a bit more than a leak.  I went through the process of getting diagnosed with a bladder with stress leaks.  (Yea, THAT was a fun experience.)  I could have gotten (could still get) a mesh sling. I choose not to.

 So, I have to plan ahead when it comes to exercise.  Easy enough, plenty of piddle pads I can get at the grocery.  Not a great solution, but tolerable for running.  It makes the resolution to get out and RUN difficult, though, knowing that I WILL leak as I run.  Much easier to walk fast so that I don't piddle, but that tends to annoy the other racers as I'm the walking turtle on the course. Or, if I'm in a race, it also makes it very hard to want to hydrate like I should (hydration means active bladder).

I really don't want to have to wear leak pads every day for the random occasion when it can't be predicted.  Instead, I've been on the hunt for alternatives.  I finally found one in specially made underwear.  They actually fit better than my regular underwear and breathe better when sweating too.  The nice thing, though, is that they DO absorb the random result of a sneeze and then wick it away.

Now that this secret is out, I'll try to save others who may be in the same spot the trouble of looking for a good solution.  Check out Icon Undies.  I was not compensated for this, this is a product I found and purchased on my own.

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