Monday, April 11, 2016

Maker Monday - Face casting with @The-Engineer-Guy #Geekspace #TheEngineerGuy

So getting my daughter's prop ready is taking longer than expected.  However, she took a cool class this past weekend thanks to The Engineer Guy.  I thought I'd share what she MADE on my maker Monday.

We were lucky enough to find someone her age willing and interested in taking the class.  My daughter cast the other girl's face first.  I don't know what all was used. While they were classing, I was shopping the store.  I came in during this part and took pictures.

This was my daughter after she'd had her face cast and with the cast still drying ON her face.

The finished face casting.  The ridge at the top was the shower cap that covered the hair.  The rest is blemishes in the casting.  Not bad, though, for first timers.

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