Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Thrifting and finding history #estatesales #NewYorkTimesMagazine #AtlantaConstitution #WWII #SaturdayEveningPost

I love to thrift, I don't make a big secret of it. Goodwill is good for clothes and furniture, but to find the odd "interesting" item I really like going to estate sales. Sounds somewhat morbid as the best ones are for those where families have put relatives in hospice, or they've passed, but it's awesome if you like random history. I got lucky this past weekend when I took my kids to a local estate sale in Tucker. I hadn't figured to be able to find much as it was second day (and the "good" stuff is usually gone first day), but there was more left than I'd expected. My kids and I had to ooh and ahhh over the newspapers stacked in this person's basement. We couldn't afford the entire stack, so we picked out those with headlines that we found the most interesting.

My daughter found this one.  It's from 1944 and is in color, which she was thrilled by.  We don't know what newspaper, it was clipped from something else and stored in a stack.

From the Atlanta Constitution (of all things).  Another of my daughter's picks for the day.

This is one I found. It was in a rolled tube stuck in a corner.  I *love* Bing Crosby, so I snatched this up in a heartbeat.

Two more papers.  These are the News and Observer.

This one was the oldest of them all.  From December 29, 1935.  How awesome is that?

Two cool magazines.  The Saturday Evening Post Post from when Kennedy was running for election (Oct. 1960) and a neat bio on General MacArthur (summer 1964).

I can only hope the rest of the stack of papers makes it to hands that can really appreciate them.  I have no idea what I plan on doing with these, but I do plan on figuring out how to make sure they're preserved.

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