Friday, October 30, 2015

sugarfina - a sweet new taste in town @sugarfina #sugarfinainatlanta #candy #YUM @braveprATL

I was invited to check out a new sugarfina store opening at Lenox Mall.  It's located on the main floor about halfway down the mall (across from MAC/Fendi).

We were given lots of samples to try while we toured the shop.  I sampled several types of gummies including champagne bears, gummy lips and apple pie. They had a wonderful chocolate covered almond and chocolate covered sea salted caramel.

You can purchase the candy individually packaged (about $7 per box), or you could purchase a bento box and assemble your own.  This is one of the pre-assembled bento boxes you could get.

They had some fun candy as well.  I didn't sample this one.

Flavors for those that like their bacon.. (I didn't try this one either)

I had my daughter with me when I went to sample.  These are the flavors we came home with.  She picked out the Queen of Hearts box (gummy hearts, various flavors).  My son loves mango, so we brought him home the mango gummies.  I sampled the scotch cordial at the store and decided I needed to bring some home.

I have a feeling I know where some of the Christmas gifts I'm giving this year are coming from.  Not a candy store for children, this is aimed at adults who enjoy their sweets.  However, I'm sure that kids will enjoy quite a few of the treats as well (mine were not impressed with my choice, though).

Disclaimer: I was given a gift card to the store to attend their launch party.  All opinions are my own.

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