Friday, September 11, 2015

The highlight of my visit to @DragonCon #MercedesLackey #Book

Due to scheduling conflicts with AWA, I took my daughter to a single day of DragonCon this year. Not something I was necessarily looking forward to doing (I really don't like the crowd sizes), but willing to do for a day. I can't speak for my daughter, but my highlight was leaving her to her Studio Ghibli panel while I went to go listen to Mercedes Lackey read. I did attend several panels, including the one that had cast from the Hobbit Trilogy, but this was my favorite single thing to do.

She read from her newest book Hunter, released September 1st.  I came home and immediately bought the book for my Nook.  I had the book finished by end of day Sunday.  I'll post a review of it later. I recommended it to my kids and don't want to post spoilers for them to see until they've had the chance to read it.
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